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ohessa liitteenä amerikkalaisten näkemyksiä, kommentteja ja kokemuksia Lost River Ballisticin (LRB) luodeista, Sierra Match Kingeistä (SMK) ja myös Bergereistäkin.

Miellyttäviä lukuhetkiä!

Carpe Diem,


Kaikki kommentit, näkemykset yms... ovat tervetulleita!

These folks (LRB) have been around awhile. I have known several guys in 1000 yd BR that have tried without success to shot these bullets. Even with the suggested barrel twist they recomended. I know alot of folks that look at the .408 bullets and shot them. Only to find they fouled like crazy. I was whittness to this, testing back in the spring.

A German bullet maker looked at their bullets said " the reason the copper fouled so bad, was they were undersized". He stated that the bullets were so undersized that the gases were passing the bullet in the barrels, super preheating the copper. Thus melting the copper into the lands. All I know is at $1 per bullet, I'd have to take out a loan just to work up a load.

My grand dad once told me, son if you put as much time into shooting and learning to read the wind, as you do measuring and loading, you would be twice the shooter you are today. Hmmm that was a smart man.

Don't get lured in by the ultra high claimed BC's. BC means nothing if you can't get your bullet on target. Not here to trash LRB's bullets, but I have yet to ever see a rifle that will actually shoot them. The problem is that for their weight, they're so incredibly long, that you can't stabilize them unless you have a rediculous twist in your barrel.


In the 1000 yard benchrest circles (I know.. boo-hiss) that I occassionally frequent, I've talked to several guys that have tried them without ANY sort of success, and one that was fool enough to build a rifle specifically FOR one of LRB's ultra high BC bullets. He got a screaming deal on a huge lot of them, and thought he'd build a winner around that bullet. Two barrels later, and many hundreds of dollars poorer, he aborted the project.

Many people have been taken in by LRB's claims to extreme long range accuracy with the bullet you mentioned. With the exception of one .408 Chey-Tac I only "heard" about, never witnessed, I've never seen one of their bullets shoot worth squat. XXXXX is right, the bullets are not the proper diameter. They are literally machined from a monolithic copper solid, and turned to the dimensions LRB sells.

A very good benchrest and vamint hunting friend of mine has oodles of them that are now sitting around in his reloading room gathering dust. The best he could ever get out of them at 500m was over 15". If you really want to try some, he'll probably send you a few to try. God knows HE won't be using them again.

In my opinion, don't waste your time on even trying them. They're worthless unless you have a twist in the 6.5-8" range, and if you build a tube around that, it won't shoot any other "Normal" bullet you might want to use for a given application. Your standard 180's and 190's wouldn't work at all.


They look kind of cool the way they're machined, and a loaded round looks long and sleek as an Ajax missile, but the fact is, they won't shoot.

Pass those by. Stick with more conventional bullets more suited to the 300WM's velocities, especially if you're new to handloading. Start with proven bullets and loads. You'll be money ahead, and glad you did.

If you REALLY want to try some, mail me, and I can probably set you up with a few. Trust me though, after just one "group", you'll forget that idea for good.

The SMK's are hard to beat. I've had years of practice with the VLD's, both testing them and competing with them. I use mostly the VLD's now because of their high BC but they are tricky.

One of my shooting teammates tried LRBs in his Krieger 6.5 twist 223 AR bbl., and got poor accuracy plus a ton of copper fouling. This guy is a serious shooter - he's been our state HP champ for four years running now, and is a very good prone shooter. I'll stick with what works - SMKs, Lapua Scenars, & JLK VLDs.
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