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Myydään/Ostetaan/Vaihdetaan / Vs: Nickel supra 4-16x56 tolppakiikari
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut Makro eilen kello 07:08 »
Terve. Vieläkö kiikari on myynnissä ja saisiko siitä kuvia? Missä päin sijaitsee?. Marko 0503218842
Myydään/Ostetaan/Vaihdetaan / Nickel supra 4-16x56 tolppakiikari
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut Jussi 69 Joulukuu 10, 2019, 18:13 »
Myydään. Laadukas Saksalainen hyväkuntoinen ennakkotolppakiikari riistamaaliammuntaan.
Yhteys YV:llä
Myydään/Ostetaan/Vaihdetaan / Myyty
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut R1KUH Joulukuu 10, 2019, 17:22 »
Brownells / Vs: Viimeisimmät tarjouksemme
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut Brownells Finland Oy Joulukuu 10, 2019, 13:42 »

Mm. XL (tai pikemminkin XH) tähtäimet Glockkiin, 9mm Blast Can, 5.45x39 hylsyt ja Berger .243 109gr Long Range Hybrid Target uutuudet tarjouksessa.
Optiikka / Vs: .22lr tähtäin (halpa mil-dot)
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut turjake Joulukuu 10, 2019, 13:03 »
Onko Geco Tactical sarjan kiikareista kokemuksia?


SFP ja 0.05 MRAD napsut, mutta muuten vaikuttaa mielenkiintoiselta (Huvila myy 350 euroon).
Vortex varattu, Spuhr 250€ (Helsinki)
Myydään/Ostetaan/Vaihdetaan / Vs: M: Vaimentaja Jahtivaruste Noise Stopper ML 223
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut rene64 Joulukuu 09, 2019, 19:57 »
Käyn melkein joka viikko Hesassa nii että voin tuota sen itse Suomen
Tarkka-ammuntakisat ja -kurssit / Vs: Viking Rifle Series Talvisota 2020
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut mjpaanan Joulukuu 09, 2019, 17:38 »
Säännöt löytyvät kilpailukutsusta joka löytyy kalenterista kun rullaa tarpeeksi alas

Koodia: [Valitse]
VRS Talvisota 2020


Pohjanmaan Tarkka-ampujat ry (Ostrobotnia Snipers association) and Tarkka-ampujakilta ry (Finnish Sniper Guild) invites you to join VRS Talvisota 2020.
Location: Kivijärven ampumaurheilukeskus, Lintuvuori, Vaasa Finland
Match date: February 1-2.2020
Shooters: 40
Entry fee: 80€
Max range: around 650 m

The match will test the shooters ability to use their rifles efficiently during winter conditions in different scenarios, from pinpoint precision to unknown distance shooting.
90 % steel, 10 % paper targets.
Laser rangefinders are not allowed since there will be stages with unknown distances. Top tip: learn how to use map scale and a ruler for ranging.
The shooting locations are all within the shooting range area so you will not need the car during the day. Cars will be parked on a separate range a few hundred meters away from the main event.
Do not hesitate to sign up even if the match is full, if there are cancellations we'll accept shooters from the waiting list.
– Bolt action or semi-auto Cal .22 to .30, v0 max 950 m/s.
– Active hearing protection
– Chamber safety flag
– Eye protection is recommended
– Minimum of three 5 round magazines recommended
– Maximum 120 rounds. No steel core, AP, tracer or incendiary ammunition.
Each shooter is allowed to use one rifle, one rifle sling, two bags and one bipod and one tripod. If a backpack is used as support while shooting it counts as one of the two bags.
A dump pouch or similar is recommended as empty magazines might get lost in the snow if shooter just drops them from the weapon.
It is allowed to borrow bags/gear from another shooters, but no more than two bags and bipod may be used at the same stage. Some stages have gear restrictions.
Lodging & food
We are currently working on hotel deals and getting a permission to stay the night in a government building. Updated info will be sent to approved shooters in the confirmation email.
If you want to arrange housing yourself, there are numerous hotels, hostels and AirBnB lodging possibilities in the central Vaasa, around 15 minutes drive by car from Kivijärvi shooting range.
No meals are included to competitors.
There will be no fixed lunch breaks but rather eaten when time permits during the day on the move.
Confirmation & payment
Confirmation of received signup will go out within 48 h of registration. Confirmation of match slot within 7 days.
Payment is due 3.1.2020. No refund unless match is cancelled.
Payment via Bank transfer, details will be provided in the confirmation email.
Rough timetable
8.30 Safety brief and squadding at parking area
9:00 First stage briefs and shooting starts
16:30 Done for the day
8:45 Shooters gather at their initial stages of the day
9:00 First stage briefs and shooting starts
15:00 Prize ceremony
16:00 Have a safe trip back home
Markku Uusi-Rasi +358 40 75 81 043 markku.uusirasi@gmail.com
Glenn Hannus +358 50 58 94 110 glenn.patrik.hannus@gmail.com

Lisäksi yleiset säännöt löytyvät:
Koodia: [Valitse]
Safety is paramount and everyones responsibility. Anyone who observes an unsafe act or event can call a cease fire at any point during the course of a match.

The four basic rules of gun safety always applies.

– All weapons are to be considered loaded.

– Do not point any weapon at anything you do not wish to destroy.

– Be aware of your targets foreground and background.

– Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

– Cheating equals match DQ and possible exclusion from the series.

– Unsportsmanlike conduct results in a warning, stage DQ or match DQ. This assessment is up to the RO and MD and not up for discussion.

– Keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction at all times regardless of the status of the weapon.

– All movement is done with the bolt open and chamber empty.

– Chamber flags are mandatory and to be used until RO gives a load and make ready command.

– Negligent discharge outside of target zone equals match DQ

– Negligent discharge inside of target zone equals stage DQ on first offence and match DQ should it happen again.

A ND is defined as any round unintentionally discharged from a firearm during a transition, movement, and/or weapons manipulation; or a round intentionally discharged during a cease fire period.

– Safe angle of fire will be given for each stage. Pointing a weapon outside of these boundaries equals stage DQ on first offence and match DQ should it happen again.

Minor local variations may occur.
Myydään/Ostetaan/Vaihdetaan / Myydään KRG Bravo T3/T3x-tukki
« Uusin viesti kirjoittanut jarppe66 Joulukuu 09, 2019, 16:07 »
Myynnissä em. tukki, väri TRG:n vihreä. Tukki ostettu loppukesästä 2019 ja ollut käytössä tämän metsästyskauden, tukin kunto virheetön. Myynnissä myös AICS:n 10 patruunan metalli lipas.

Hinta tukille 500 € + toimituskulut, lippaan hinta 50 €.

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